1. Determine when you want to sell. Do you have to be someplace by a certain date?
  2. Determine how long the process will take.
  3. Decide where you will be moving after the sale.
         Do you need assistance finding an Agent in another area?
  4. What do you need to do to prepare the property prior to putting it on the market?
  5. Be sure you have a basic understanding of the entire selling process: putting the property on the market, showing the property to Agents/Buyers, negotiating and accepting an offer (from a qualified Buyer!), the Buyer's inspection, the time between accepting an offer and closing, and moving out.
  6. Find a top quality Real Estate Agent. This might be the most important thing you do. We recommend that you do not make this choice casually. Get referrals from people you know, note Agents that are active in your area, "interview" Agents, visit open houses, or let us find you an Agent suited to your needs.
  7. Determine what things your Agent is responsible for and the things that you are responsible for. Sharing your expectations is very important. If you are buying a home as well as selling, be sure you discuss how that will work with the selling process. If you are moving in the same area, your Agent can probably help you with both the sale and the purchase.
  8. Be sure to put your property on the market at a fair price - one that will net you top dollar, but be competitive so you avoid a long market time. (Properties get "stale" after time passes.)
  9. Make sure your property is easily accessible for Agents and their Buyers. If they can't get in at their convenience (during reasonable hours), you will find it very difficult to get a sale.
  10. If you have chosen a good Agent, understand the process, and communicate extensively with your Agent, this can be a fairly smooth and painless project. Did I mention COMMUNICATING extensively with your Agent?

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